Residential elevators without a shaft are residential elevators that have basic pre-construction needs. This makes them a modifiable extension to any residence. Without committed shaft for operation, residential elevators without a shaft are simpler and faster to construct in comparison to conventional residential elevators due to their self-supporting construction. In comparison to stair lifts, residential elevators without shafts are a far more graceful complement to your house as their prettiness and artfulness are sure to excite visitors minds. The specific model of these residential elevators give an contemporary idea that is perfect for both retro-fit and new construction activity. So, if you need to free up space or a model that accommodates a wheelchair, residential elevators by PVE offer residential elevators without shafts that will improve your way of life.

Why Choose a Residential Elevator Without a Shaft?

Well, easily stationed on the pre-existing foundation, residential elevators by PVE support their own weight and are residential lifts that can be placed almost anywhere in the home. Given the floor is even, these residential elevators can sit on the ground as a prior construction, pits or hoistways are not needed for use. This aspect makes residential elevators without shafts more engaging than traditional residential elevators as a committed shaft doesn’t have to be built in the home. Our panoramic residential elevators have very few changes to the residence and aren’t physically tied to the house, giving ample choices for installation area inside the residence. The fist design for these residential lifts offers all around visibility while traveling. Powered by the most plentiful resource in the world, AIR, these eco-friendly residential elevators run using innovative pneumatic technology making them the most innovative residential elevators available.

Best Residential Elevators Without A Shaft

With three designs, from a one passenger to a three passenger, wheelchair accessible version, there is a residential elevator without a shaft to meet your design demands. 

As the #1 and only smallest fully certified residential elevator, the PVE30 Home Elevator is the perfect space saving solution for any residence. The PVE30 can transport 1 passenger or 350 lbs, this residential elevator with no shaft has a total exterior diameter of 30 inches and takes up the smallest footprint of any residential lift available. Easy to implement for any residence, the PVE30 Home Elevator can be built in areas no other residential elevator can be built.

If you are looking for a bigger elevator that can occupy up to two passengers, the PVE37 Home Elevator is right for your needs. A two passenger residential elevator with a 450 lbs lift capacity, this energy efficient residential elevator has an exterior diameter of 37” inches and is big enough to fit most full size boxes and baggage. In addition, the PVE37 Home Elevator has the ability for a seat that folds and a handle to placed inside giving homeowners the chance to sit while moving. The original residential elevator by PVE developed in 2002, the PVE37 Home Elevator is the first pneumatic elevator fully certified for worldwide use and is a space-saving lift solution that can go almost anywhere inside your home. 

In need of a wheelchair accessible residential elevator that is easy to use? Try the PVE52 Home Elevator, the world’s largest pneumatically operated residential elevator. Able to transport up to 3 passengers or 525 lbs, this residential elevator without a shaft is large enough to fit most full size wheelchairs as well as another person inside. With a total exterior diameter of 52 11/16 inches, this innovative elevator still occupies less space than traditional elevators while also being handicap accessible.

How Residential Elevators Without Shafts Operate

Using Pneumatic Technology to create space of higher and lower atmospheric pressure within the cylinder hoistway, residential elevators by PVE apply a coaxial car within a smooth vertical cylinder with the car smoothly moves up and down through air pressure. The difference in atmospheric pressure on top of the car and the atmospheric pressure under the car creates the ascending push to allow the car to harmlessly travel to your desired level. This establishes a safe and care-free ride as no cables, pulleys or pistons are used for movement.

How Safe Are Residential Elevators Without Shafts

Fully certified in all 50 states within the USA and with successful installations in over 90+ countries worldwide, residential elevator by PVE are some of the safest residential elevators on the market. Annually certified and safety inspected by the well-known Liftinstituut, one of the worlds leading elevator certification organizations, the safety of our consumers is paramount as every residential elevator is pre-assembled and safety tested at our PVE factory headquarters prior to installation. Unlike other foreign manufactured lifts, these residential elevators without shafts are manufactured in Miami, Florida, USA ensuring each elevator produced by PVE meets the strictest quality and safety standards.

Learn More About Shaftless Elevators

If you are interested in learning more about our residential elevators without shafts, be sure to fill out and information request form on our Home Elevators by PVE website and a Sales Representative will be able to assist you with your inquiry!

Are residential elevators noisy?

All elevators generate sound while the machinery is operational and PVE has machinery options that are as quiet, if not quieter than alternative products on the market. With the machinery only activated when the elevator is in use, residential elevators have a number of machinery options available for homeowners to choose from in order to fit their audio comforts and needs. View our machinery video online to learn more and to hear each machinery upgrade option available.

Is an residential elevators by PVE made out of glass?

While residential elevators by PVE are panoramic, they are manufactured using Polycarbonate Panels and are not manufactured using glass. Polycarbonate panels are much lighter and stronger than glass panels, with an impact resistance approximately 200 times stronger than glass. Each one of the panels on the elevator can be replaced in the event that a panel is damaged, scratched, etc.

How safe are residential elevators by PVE?

Fully certified residential elevators are extremely safe. PVE’s easy-to-install, self-supporting residential elevators are fully certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in all 50 states and 90+ countries globally under the European Machinery Directive, with 18+ years of experience in the market. In the event of a power failure while in operation, gravity will slowly bring the cabin down to the ground level, at which point the passenger is able to get out. All of the PVE residential elevator models are fully equipped with mechanical car locking devices on each floor and have a full set of Type A Safety Brakes, meeting the most stringent requirements in the industry. In addition, per elevator code, these fully certified home elevators come equipped with an in-cabin phone to ensure the passenger can communicate in the event of an emergency. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC has a very unique approach in the industry in that every elevator undergoes full operational testing at the factory before shipping, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.