Single passenger elevator

Model: PVE30

The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE30 model is one of the world’s smallest residential home lifts with an outer diameter of only 75 cm. It is safe to say that there are very few households that do not have the space to install this small home elevator.

The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE30 accommodates one person ( 159 kg) and is available in two, three and four stops (max. height 10.5m ).

Like other models of vacuum elevators the PVE30 is installed right on the existing floor. Our vacuum elevators do not need a pit or machine room.

The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE30 is the perfect choice for single-family existing homes and townhouses, to be installed quickly and practically without construction works.

The pneumatic vacuum elevator, being a lift that runs on air , greatly reduces energy costs and maintenance, since no pulleys, cables, or pistons are used. This air driven residential elevator consumes minimal energy during ascent and zero during descent, also making it an ecofriendly elevator.

Made of aluminum and polycarbonate, the pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE combines functionality with an elegant design, being a transparent panoramic lift which allows 360 ° visibility inside the house.


No, it doesn’t because the elevator is self supported. The turbines are either placed on top of the elevator (standard installation) or up to 10 m away from the top of the elevator, possibly outdoors (split installation).

Our prices include installation, PS1 and warranty.

Vacuum elevators do not require a lift shaft to be built
 which will save you about NZD 25,000 in building works (lift shaft, landing doors, etc). 

Please consider this when comparing prices. 

A two stops elevator will cost between NZD 44,700 – 89,000 + GST depending  on the model, location, type of installation, and optionals. 

Please contact us if you want a better approximation.

Yes, PVE52, is wheelchair accessible.

Annual checks are recommended.
After 15,000 cycles (4 to 5 years), the liner (which creates an airtight chamber above the unit) might need replacement.
The vacuum pumps may also need to be replaced as the unit ages, however under normal operation conditions, these should last in excess of 10 years. 

To prevent dust accumulating on the elevator tube, we also recommend that it is wiped down with an anti-static solution on a monthly basis.

We offer different levels of service contracts as well as pay as you go maintenance calls.

Yes. In fact, a pneumatic vacuum elevator may be the best solution for existing homes as no pit excavation or hoist way is needed. Also, power requirements are simple as only a single phase 230V power supply is required.

In the event of a power failure, the car automatically descends slowly to the ground floor and the door automatically unlocks. Cabin lighting is maintained as this is battery-operated.

Emergency brakes are automatically activated and the car is immediately anchored to the support columns of the tube.

Over 20,000 pneumatic vacuum elevators have been installed worldwide.

The vacuum elevator produces ~75 decibels of noise (similar to that one produced by a household vacuum cleaner).

From the time the order is placed, it takes approximately 24 weeks to build and ship the elevator to NZ. Once in NZ, installation takes 1-2 days at any suitable time.

Yes. Because there is no pit or hoist way, the elevator can be easily moved. If the heights in the new installation are the same as in the initial installation, no changes to the system are required.

Technical Specifications


What our customers say

Ken and Louise, Kapiti Coast
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"We are proud to be the first in New Zealand to have a vacuum elevator, it is amazing! As an architect I wanted a robust lift that could fit into a confined space without a lift pit to provide safe access over 3 stories. I also wanted one that looked good as it was to be visible. Pablo and his team had exactly what I was looking for."
Evan and Naomi-Christchurch
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"It is everything I hoped for in the way of practicality and is a feature in our house rather than a box with a door. For visitors with limited mobility it now gives ready access to our house and is superb for taking loads of groceries."
Ross and Barbara, Napier
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"It is on show and not effectively hidden away in a cupboard – and becomes part of the “furniture” in the house. As a feature all visitors to the house are intrigued about what it is and have a test drive !"
David, Lower Hutt
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"We had a vacuum lift installed by Pablo and his team. Fantastic service from order date to installation. The lift was installed in 2 days and works perfectly. I can now stay in the home I love. My sore knees are loving it."
Colin and Sue, Hamilton
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"We came across VENZ on the internet, contacted them and they came on site to see if it was feasible to fit into our existing house, which it was, so we went ahead and ordered a three person elevator. What we first liked was minimal work, just a hole between the floors, no work to the ground floor, walls or ceiling. After a period of time the elevator was delivered to our house and shortly after fitted over a weekend by the VENZ engineers. It not only looks like a very smart piece of furniture but it is very quiet and you don’t get the closed in feeling. It works extremely well and it has been certified by an independent certifier. We found Pablo and Maria extremely good and honest people to work with. They both went out of their way to ensure we were happy with the whole installation and service and we thoroughly recommend this type of elevator to anyone. We love our lift."