Vacuum motor configurations

The vacuum system is the “engine” and machinery through which this residential elevator functions.

Currently vacuum elevators are installed in two different vacuum motor configurations:

Head Configuration 

Head configuration in the vacuum system is located directly on top of the upper floor vertical cylinder of the pneumatic vacuum elevator.

The electrical control panel is inside, and the only installation requirements are to connect to a 230v outlet near the machinery.

This format is best in homes that have sufficient height on the top floor (Minimum height for installation 2700mm lift head tire format).

Split Unit Configuration

In the split unit configuration, the vacuum system is located in a split box that can be installed at a distance of 10 meters from the top of the vacuum elevator.

The split system piping is connected to the top of the cylinder via two pipes of 110mm diameter PVC.

The electric control panel can be mounted externally as any electrical box (hanging on the wall, wardrobe …). There is also the possibility of placing a “false head” on which to locate the electrical box and the PVC pipes are connected.

This format is required when the height of the top floor is less than 2700mm (minimum height for splits installation 2550mm) or when you want to locate the vacuum system outside the house (terrace, roof …) or in a closet independent to the place of installation of the vacuum elevator.

The main advantage of installing a pneumatic vacuum elevator split format is the versatility in installation.